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  • 25,50 € HT

    Starter Octopus salad with olives, tomatoes and a citrus dressing Dish Pan-fried king prawns served with tomato pasta, parmesan shavings Cheese Taleggio Dessert Panna cotta and red berries Bread Organic tradition bread

  • 27,90 € HT

    Starter Burrata di Pugliawith asparagus and rocket pesto Dish Seared chicken fillet, summer vegetables lasagna Cheese Taleggio Dessert Tiramisu Bread Organic tradition bread

  • 28,50 € HT

    Starter Tomato tiramisu, parmesa Dish Salmon fillet with chive sauce, pan-fried polenta, broccoli and red onion Cheese Taleggio Dessert Limoncello® mousse Bread Organic tradition bread

  • 29,90 € HT

    Starter Mortadella, potato and red onion salad topped with capers Dish Veal fillet on a bed of rocket pesto served with creamy risotto Cheese Taleggio Dessert Layered cappucino dessert Bread Organic tradition bread

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items