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  • 31,90 € HT

    15 pieces Verrine salad peas chantilly mint Cappuccino verrine of truffle chantilly squash Fresh tomato verrine mozzarella di buffala 48h before delivery

  • 33,50 € HT

    28 pièces Rillettes blini of salmon Crab blini, curry cream Mackerel blini, mustard seeds Scallop blini, Provencal fragrance 48h before delivery

  • 34,90 € HT

    31 pièces Wave of bresaola, basil Shrimp blini blossom Salmon diamond with pink ginger Blini with curry, cake Fan of ham figs and hazelnuts Brie cloud with spices 48h before delivery

  • 53,50 € HT

    46 pieces Square of tomatoes, goat, piquillos Barrette of foie gras with mulled wine and candied orange Tiramisu of vegetables County ribbon with quince paste Coconut prawns Pop crab with crab Sardine Dome with Eggplant Caviar Crok black radish, smoked blue fish 48h before delivery

  • 55,00 € HT

    46 pieces Pomponette tarama with truffle Crok watermelon radish, crisp vegetables with mint Pea garden with smoked duck Tandoori gambas, pineapple lime cream Scallops passion on the plancha Vegetable leek with salmon Tomato in two textures, basil pesto, scamorza Crok green radish, bresaloa basil 48h before delivery

  • 61,00 € HT

    20 pieces Focaccia with sunny flavors, olive tapenade, mozzarella, tomato, basil pesto Pretzel, French poultry chiffonade in the county Gourmet bun's and paprika Pretzel, serrano ham, tomato Focaccia with sunny flavors, speck, fresh goat cheese, tomato confit 48h before delivery

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items