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  • 31,90 € HT

    15 pieces Pea purée with mint whipped cream verrine Marrow mousse topped with truffled whipped cream verrine Fresh tomato and mozzarella di buffala verrine 48h before delivery

  • 29,90 € HT

    15 pieces Banana and peanut verrine Chia seeds, coconut, and mango verrine Violet chocolate cream verrine 48h before delivery

  • 33,90 € HT

    33 pieces Mojito dome Peanut treat Lemon and raspberry Traou mad (butter cookies) Pistachio and cherry mini choux pastry Vanilla and praline croustillant Poppy mirror Chocolate veil 48h before delivery

  • 33,90 € HT

    29 pieces Chocolate and roasted peanut croustillant White chocolate treat Chocolate éclair Chocolate and almond ganache shortbread Chocolate macaroon Chocolate financier 48h before delivery

  • 43,90 € HT

    35 pieces Violet and berries basket Dulcey (blond) chocolate and almond croustillant Rose and raspberry panna cotta Vanilla profiterole with chocolate and hazelnuts Crunchy violet and blackberry treat Chocolate and almond ganache shortbread Fresh fruit ingot 48h before delivery

  • 46,90 € HT

    22 pieces Fresh fruit push-ups 48h before delivery

  • 54,90 € HT

    48 pieces Nutella® mini crêpes Strawberry mini crêpes 48h before delivery

  • 33,50 € HT

    28 pieces Blinis with salmon rillettes Crab blinis with curried cream Mackerel blinis with mustard seeds Scallops blinis with Provençal flavours 48h before delivery

  • 33,50 € HT

    18 pieces Curried salmon rillettes in a brioche roll Lobster rillettes in a brioche roll Langoustine rillettes in a brioche roll 48h before delivery

  • 33,50 € HT

    24 pieces Mozzarella, caramelised tomato, and courgette ribbon skewer Spicy pineapple and prawn skewer Smoked duck breast, caramelised onion, and carrot lace skewer 48h before delivery

  • 53,50 € HT

    48 pieces Black wheat smoked sardine Slice of foie gras with mulled wine and orange confit Tiramisu bite with exotic flavours Comté ribbon stuffed with quince paste Sardine dome with aubergine caviar Vegan food Sicilian discovery Crunchy black radish with smoked bluefish 48h before delivery

  • 55,00 € HT

    49 pieces Pomponette of tarama with truffle Crunchy watermelon radish with mint vegetables Crunchy green radish with basil bresaola Chorizo, broad bean, and piquillos pepper panna cotta Tandoori king prawn with pineapple and lime cream Scallop and passion fruit a la plancha Leek with salmon Mushroom discovery 48h before delivery

  • 23,90 € HT

    24 pieces Macaroons - Assorted flavours 48h before delivery

  • 24,90 € HT

    24 pieces Coffee éclair Chocolate éclair 48h before delivery

  • 28,90 € HT

    8 pieces 2 chocolate (66%) and hazelnut ice cream bars 2 pistachio and morello cherry ice cream bars 2 vanilla-raspberry ice cream bars 2 caramel and mango ice cream bars 48h before delivery

Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items