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  • 35,00 € HT

    28 pieces Blinis with salmon rillettes Crab blinis with curried cream Mackerel blinis with mustard seeds Scallops blinis with Provençal flavours 48h before delivery

  • 29,90 € HT

    15 pieces Caramel panna cotta verrines Gourmet chocolate verrine Fromage blanc and pineapple compote verrines 72h before delivery

  • 34,90 € HT

    29 pieces Hazelnut and creamy gianduja financiers Chocolate caroline éclair Cocoa and coffee crumble Crunch chocolate and caramel financier Chocolate macaroon Triple chocolate bar 48h before delivery

  • 40,50 € HT

    35 pieces Red berries and violet pot Hazelnut and chocolate dome Fresh fruit ingot Hazelnut and chocolate financier Poppy mirror Vine peach cheesecake Mini Opéra 72h before delivery

  • 43,90 € HT

    18 pieces Seasonal fresh fruits on bamboo skewers 72h before delivery

  • 45,50 € HT

    35 pieces Raspberry and violet dome Paris-Brest inspired White chocolate and red berries financier Chocolate and coconut dome Sunflower seed cake topped with lime cream Vanilla and praline croustillant Pistachio and orange blossom croustillant 48h before delivery

  • 54,90 € HT

    48 pieces Nutella® mini crêpes Strawberry mini crêpes 48h before delivery

  • 35,00 € HT

    18 pieces Curried salmon rillettes in a brioche roll Lobster rillettes in a brioche roll Langoustine rillettes in a brioche roll 48h before delivery

  • 35,00 € HT

    24 pieces Mozzarella, caramelised tomato, and courgette ribbon skewer Spicy pineapple and prawn skewer Smoked duck breast, caramelised onion, and carrot lace skewer 48h before delivery

  • 51,50 € HT

    48 pieces Smoked salmon with lime Soft tomato cake topped with broad beans hummus Horseradish squares with chives and cherry tomatoes Crab and prawn sandwiches Chorizo waffle Coppa ham, pepper and walnut on toast Blinis with prawns and garnish 48h before delivery

  • 55,00 € HT

    44 pieces Crunchy watermelon radish with mint vegetables Olive choux pastry bun with aubergine caviar Pastrami wrap Quail risotto with smoky flavours Girolle mushrrom and coffee shortbread Crunchy green radish with basil bresaola Ham and smoked cream laces Curried cauliflower piece 72h before delivery

  • 59,90 € HT

    45 pieces Crunchy watermelon radish with mint vegetables Walnut square with viande des grisons (air dried meat) Cube of foie gras topped with pear Black cabbage parcels Tandoori king prawns with pineapple and lemon cream Goat cheese cookie with mango and passionfruit Salmon cube, horseradish cream Vegan parcel 72h before delivery

  • 25,90 € HT

    24 pieces Macaroons - Assorted flavours 48h before delivery

  • 28,50 € HT

    24 pieces Coffee caroline éclairs Chocolate caroline éclairs 48h before delivery

  • 29,90 € HT

    8 pieces 2 chocolate (66%) and hazelnut ice cream bars 2 pistachio and morello cherry ice cream bars 2 vanilla-raspberry ice cream bars 2 caramel and mango ice cream bars 48h before delivery

Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items