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  • 24,90 € HT

    Starter Celeriac tagliatelle with herb-infused whipped cream Dish Chicken fillet with creamy porcini mushroom risotto Dessert Double chocolate mousse Bread Organic tradition bread

  • 25,90 € HT

    Starter Buckwheat Kasha, quinoa, and carrot salad Dish King prawns poached in tomato sauce on a bed of black rice with creamy red pepper and artichoke Dessert Almond and banana verrine Bread Organic tradition bread

  • 26,90 € HT

    Starter Herb and parsnip purée topped with a poached egg on a bed of hazelnut crumble Dish Seared salmon steak with roasted cauliflower and fingerling potatoes on a bed of cream cheese and herb sauce Dessert Apple and kiwi salad Bread Organic tradition bread

  • 27,90 € HT

    Starter Yellow beetroot and Jerusalem artichoke topped with smoked salmon Dish Veal fillets on a bed of pennette and chopped carrots sprinkled with celery Dessert Mango and lime crumble Bread Organic tradition bread

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items